I'm a programmer from Barcelona, currently working for Media Molecule in Guildford, UK.

Tryint to make things nicer, using using any modern or legacy tools: C++ / ObjC / JavaScript / DirectX / OpenGL / WebGL - or else!

Here you'll find some of my works! Not available for freelance works at the moment, sorry.

Tearaway is a beautiful papery game for PSVita from Media Molecule. Although I joined late to the party, I did some help programming the custom UI, focusing on the paper visuals and feeling.


Find Your Way to Oz is a Chrome experiment based on Disney’s upcoming movie “Oz The Great and Powerful.” made by Unit9, where I collaborated doing some shader and scene compositing work.


Case Study

Source Code

GL Gif O'matic is a simple three.js experiment using GLGif, a small JavaScript class for loading Gif files into three.js materials. Source code available on GitHub!



They will eat you! is a fast game made with B-Reel troops for 2012 Halloween! Built with JavaScript/WebGL, using three.js, featuring AI pathfinding, 3D animation, procedural fog, scary sounds and much more!


Cube is a game made with B-Reel troops for showcasing Google Maps new features. Built with JavaScript/WebGL, using three.js, featuring box2D physics, custom shaders and shadows, complete gameplay, nice transitions, even a rubik mode!


GL Invasion is an oldschool shoot'em up mini game made entirely with JavaScript/WebGL, using three.js, and the help of Victor Royo on the graphics. Source code available on GitHub!



Floralia is the first videogame by Kenshō, a little “just for fun” company created by old demoscene buddy Jorge Fuentes and me. It’s a puzzle game for Apple iPhone devices. We wanted to create an artistic and relaxing game while having fun making it. Guest music by Pitx.

Made using my own custom C++/OpenGL engine and a few Obj-C lines for linking iOS specific libraries.

Available on the AppStore

Development and installation of various programs for the new FC Barcelona Museum, built with Exit de Disseny.

Project included 2 different touch videowalls, 2 different touch tables with custom hardware, one large videowall and a mapping structure, all built with a custom C++/DirectX engine.

Most of the setups are networked PC setups with 2 outputs each, running at 1200x1920 or 1920x1080 @ 60fps.

Project info

Museum info

Espai Fundació FC Barcelona

Development and installation of various programs for the Accenture Innovation Center in Madrid, made with Exit de Disseny.

Main project includes a big touch videowall built using my custom C++/DirectX engine, for a single PC setup with 3 projectors, each of them running at 1200x1920 @ 60fps.

More info

Fast JavaScript/WebGL experiment done in a couple days, using three.js, featuring some custom shaders and mesh morphing.


Development of the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona 2011 app for iOS devices, with specific versions for iPad and iPhone.

The application is built on top of a custom Obj-C/Cocoa content engine, similar to PhoneGap, that helps build fast applications using XML while giving space for native code extensions, with lots of features like auto updating templates / content, native controls, social sharing, a custom CMS and much more!

Available on the AppStore

Connection Darts is a very ambitious electronic darts machine.

The software is built using C++/DirectX, in a machine running WEPoS with 2 monitors, a fingerprint scanner, and a coin, light and darts reader using a custom hardware controller.

On top of that, we created a network for online competition, including live streaming games (with realtime video), championships, leagues, stars and a lot more features.

The server and client networking is written in C++ with a custom binary network protocol for really fast transactions (including video streaming and match data).

More features include a complete API with PHP/JavaScript/jQuery, some node.js modules for checking server status, rebooting services, managing configurations, and many more.

I've been developing the software on my own since more than 6 years ago, and then leading other developers that joined the team. Actually there are more than 1500 machines running, and growing up!

A collection of casino gambling machines I did for a client, using a custom C++/DirectX engine.

Machines featured multi seat playing, touch screen, statistics, encryption, real random playing, hi-res graphics, realtime wheel for roulette, and many more features.

This is a game prototype of the famous Carcassonne board game I did just after first iPhone SDK releases. I made it while I was porting my old C++ DirectX engine to C++/OpenGLES for iOS. Game is fully playable but was not released at all, although I plan to release the code some day.

Neon v2 is a VJ software I started writing in 2004 for our group Xplsv; we used it in many gigs and parties, even some demos were made using it, and after some time I decided to open it to the public, sources included.

It was built with C++/DirectX for the rendering and Delphi (yes, Delphi!) for the interface. With up to 10 layers, realtime shader model 2.0, Post FX, realtime 3D (max importer), FFT synching, MIDI support, Lua scripting, effects SDK, and many other features, it was way ahead of other software at that time.

Commandos 2 & Commandos 3

This was my first real job! I started working in Pyro as a junior developer on year 2000 in Commandos 2, doing some gameplay at first then going to graphics department, extending the software renderer by Unai Landa and creating new features.

Later I did the Xbox port of Commandos 2, which was kind of strightforward thanks to the easy SDK, and became a senior developer.

My last project was doing the hardware accelerated rendering pipeline in Commandos 3, using C++/DirectX 8, I remember doing some tricks with the fixed pipeline for the fog for example.

There I met so many talented developers, lots of learning plus hardworking and very fun times!